Sunday, May 14, 2017

National Day of Action - ARM

The Australian Republic Movement held its National Day of Action on Saturday, 13 May 2017. Right across this continent the message that Australia should have an Australia head of state, someone who lives here and is proud to be an Australia, was taken to the streets.

UQ Australia Republic Club about to BBQ
In Queensland there were over 60 letterboxers distributing membership flyers from as far afield as Caloundra, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Montville, Cairns and Southport, and throughout Brisbane. Almost 15,000 letterbox flyers were distributed over the weekend. Australian Republic Movement members were keen and excited to be taking our great national project to the streets to increase our membership at the grassroots level. 

A republic is a country where power is completely in the hands of the people, rather than sharing that power with a Queen or King like we currently do.

The Queen of England hold the top job as Australia's head of state. She appoints the Governor-General as her representative to act on her behalf. Her representative must approve every lawe made by our Parliament, every election and the appointment of every government. Becoming a republic means Australians will do all of this for ourselves without asking the Queen of England or her representatives for approval.

Louise Redmond - Beachmere
Cormac Murphy - Fig Tree Pocket

Norm Elliott - Cairns
The Advantages of Being a Republic
  • We'll have a head of state that will always put Australia first
  • We won't have to share a head of state with 15 other countries
  • The Constitution will be 100% independent
  • We'll have a head of state that can represent Australian values
  • Aussie kids can aspire to the top job

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