Thursday, September 07, 2017

An heir, spare, and one for the country

With the official announcement of the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge, it seems William and Kate will have an heir, a spare, and one for the country.

Congratulations to the British royal pair. The growing British royal family seems to be taking a page out of the Princess Mary book and her Danish royal brood of four.

No doubt the relentless celebrity that will surround the unborn prince or princess will continue to add to the British royal stamp of approval. Nevertheless this royal celebrity is an image dominated by an obsessive media and popular cultural landscape, which treat royalty as entertainment rather than as a political institution.

I hope one day soon that any Australian child will have the opportunity and honour to become an Australian Head of State, and not because he or she has had the privilege to have been born into Britain’s royal family.

I look forward to the day when Australia’s Head of State is determined by merit, not birthright, and affirms Australia’s values as a free, fair, democratic, multicultural nation.

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