Friday, July 01, 2016

Now time for #AusExit to an Australian Republic

As England firmly turns its back on the European project, and as Scotland and Northern Ireland start to wonder whether they still want to be part of the United Kingdom, Australians are loudly questioning our own relationship with England.

The Scottish and the Irish are asking the question. And so are we. Australians are asking whether it is right that the Constitution of modern, multicultural Australia should continue to be linked to the royal family of a country that is turning its back on Europe, and in some ways, the world?

Now that the English royal family represents Australia even less today than they did last week, how can we still have the English monarch as our Head of State? Now, more than ever, Australia needs a Head of State that represents Australia, and sends a message to the global community that we are a modern, multi-cultural Asia-Pacific nation. 

The best possible response to Brexit is Ausexit - to finally replace our hereditary English monarch with an Australian, whether elected by our people or appointed by our Parliament, who represents the best of us, and says to the world,  

'Everyone's welcome in Australia, mate.'

The Australian Republican Movement Chair, Peter FitzSimons has said the membership of the ARM over the past few days

is suddenly surging once more, and did so from the very moment the vote came in."

The Australian Republican Movement argues an accelerated end to the British Monarchy in Australia will help promote our trade relationship with our second most important trading partner, Europe.

They cite statistics showing that in 2013-14, Australia’s trade relationship with the European Union was worth $83 billion, second only to trade with China at $160 billion, and that three quarters of Australia’s EU trade is from outside the United Kingdom.

Peter FitzSimons asked on the day after the British referendum

With the British people voting to leave the European Union, what benefit is there to Australian business in continuing to have the British Monarch as our Head of State?

Australia's economic interests are best served by an Australian Head of State, promoting Australian exports in growing markets. Britain is turning its back on Europe, but modern Australia must embrace it.

Australia is a great trading nation. The European Union is Australia's second most important trading partner after China. A British Monarch is even less useful to us today than they were yesterday.

Australia's economic future should be in the hands of our own citizens - especially our highest office. We need a modern Head of State who works for us.”

The British people have a right to choose their own future. And so do we. But in making this choice, they have helped make ours much clearer. It's time for us to replace the British monarch with an Australian Head of State.

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