Friday, September 18, 2015

Time for Queen to hang up crown

On September 9, Queen Elizabeth Ii surpassed her great great grandmother Queen Victoria and became the longest serving monarch in British history. Certainlyhaving the same job for 23,277 days is an achievement but when will she be allowed to retire?
My grandmother will be 90 later this year. She's a hardy soul but there's no way she would be up to the frantic pace needed to be a world leader! But poor Queen Elizabeth II just keeps working.
When do you think she will be allowed to retire? Most people these days retire by 60, judges are forced to retire at 70, but Queen Elizabeth II, at 89 keeps on working.
There's no doubt she is a sturdy trooper. But when will she be given a retirement watch from The Firm and be allowed to sleep in, watch reality TV or potter around in the garden?
To make her keep working at 89 seems cruel and unusual punishment. It’s enough to make her wish for a republic.

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